1. Suspension Spring
    2. Suspension SpringWe have passed the certification of ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949, and always strictly produced and inspected products according to relevant standards to ensure zero defects. The fatigue life of our products can reach a half million or even one million times in line with the demands of clients. We always design and produce products based on customers' requirements. For the sophisticated spring which has variable wire diameter or banana shape, our company is also capable.
    1. Extension Spring/Tension Spring
    2. Extension Spring/Tension SpringIt can be installed inside or outside of motor vehicles, or applied to the garage door, jaw vice, clamp, vaporizer, trampoline, scrubber, toy, agricultural machinery, etc. We provided this product in various models which can be used in small medical devices or in the brake chambers of outdoor machinery.
      Having over 30-year production experience, we are a domestic first-class enterprise that always advocates
    1. Shock Absorber Spring/Damped Spring
    2. Shock Absorber Spring/Damped SpringMade from the alloy spring steel, it has the function of shock absorption and provides riding comfort. According to customers'requests, a long fatigue life of a half million or one million times can be attained. It is also characterized by excellent powder coated surface, easy installation, high tension, strict size tolerance and high quality.
      We have been engaged in the production of shock absorber spring for over 30 years and have
    1. Motorcycle Shock Absorber Spring
    2. Motorcycle Shock Absorber SpringMade of high tensile spring steel, it has powder coated surface, strict size tolerance and constant profile and load capacity, and it can be easily installed. We also design and fabricate products in accordance with customers' demands. Also, we are competent enough to produce the sophisticated spring with variable wire diameter or banana shape.
    1. Brake Chamber Spring
    2. Brake Chamber SpringWe produce it in medium size, such as the T2424, T2430, T3030, etc. Made from SAE9254 materials with high stability, this product possesses more than 300,000 times of fatigue life. At present, we have passed the certification of ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 and achieved zero defects as a result of strictly conforming to the requirements of relevant systems.
    1. Vehicle Suspension Spring
    2. Vehicle Suspension SpringIt can mitigate the shock and make riding more comfortable. According to the demands of customers, long fatigue life of a half million or a million times is achievable. With long-time professional production experience, we can provide the product in various designs and types, such as the type with variable wire diameter or banana shape.
    1. Volute Spring
    2. Volute SpringThis product features good hardness and resistance to both high and low temperature. All kinds of types are provided with various surface treatments, such as polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, powder coating and e-coating. The spiral type is made of superior material and has long service life.
    1. Return Spring
    2. Return SpringCustomers can install it inside or outside of motor vehicles. It also can be applied to the garage door, vise, clamp, vaporizer, trampoline, washer, toy, agricultural machinery, etc. Different types are available, such as long hook, German hook, British hook and side hook. Made of silicon manganese steel or stainless steel wire, this product features high quality, zero defects, e-coated or powder coated surface and unique performance.
    1. Valve Spring
    2. Valve SpringUsually, the hot coiling process can be applied to the product with the wire diameter of over 18mm. First, the raw material is heated up and then is coiled. This process can improve the product stability. Such a product is suitable for the field like the valve, agriculture, engineering machinery, etc.
      We have two advanced hot coiling production lines controlled by computer.